Robotic Hearing, Enhancement of Human Aural Location

UC-Mexus Collaborative Grant

UCSC-Music Department & UNAM-IIMAS

The project Robotic Hearing, Enhancement of Human Aural Location is a collaboration between Professor David Dunn from the Music Department at UC, Santa Cruz and Dr. Caleb Rascon from the Department of Computer Science of the Instituto de Investigaciones en Matemáticas Aplicadas y en Sistemas (IIMAS) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). The collaboration is based on the development of a computerized system that analyses sound data location to reinforce robotic learning. The goal of the team is to expand human aural perception, which is augmented by visual translation of the sound data that will support the tuning methodology of developing algorithms and its function. The application of such teamwork grasps computer programing, algorithmic composition, data defragmentation, multidimensional phenomena transformation, and human perception interpolated by novel technology. Both investigators, Prof. Dunn and Dr. Rascon contribute, with their expertise on sound location, to expand research in one of the fields that synthesizes creativity under restrained methodology. This partnership relies on multidisciplinary approach in order to obtain tangible results of a ethereal experimentation, which is under constant refinement in either hardware and software improvements. The task is to create a constant interchange of experimentation of such applications with different technology, as well as diverse approaches to the actual problem: find sound on a multidimensional space by a computerized system.

Conferences UCSC 2018

Dr. Caleb Rascon

Professor David Dunn

Dr. David Kant

Francisco Neri & Pablo Rubio